terça-feira, 16 de março de 2010

Bold things about me 2 (English)

1. I like v-necks better than regular shirts.
2. I live in skinny jeans.

3. I used to like Sailor Moon when I was little.
4. …I still like Sailor Moon?
5. Sailor who?
6. I wear skirts more than pants.
7. My dream career requires college.
8. I don’t wash my hair daily.

9. I’m pro-life.
10. I’ve never kissed a member of the same sex. —aside from family.
11. I’m Jewish.
12. I have my permit.
13. I have my license.
14. I can’t drive.
15. I’ve driven illegally (without a license/permit).
16. I’ve seen all the Austin Powers movies.
17. I wear make-up.
18. I own a digital camera.
My phone has a keyboard.
20. I remember when RazR phones (or whatever) were the big trend.
21. I had my first kiss when I was thirteen.
22. I’m afraid of clowns.
23. I don’t believe in a god.
24. I wanted to be a teacher at sometime in my life (if not now).
25. My worst subject is math.
26. I love action movies.
27. I’ll admit it, I used to typ liek dis.
28. I have no problem with having sex outside of a relationship.
29. I don’t want a white wedding dress.
30. I want two or more children.
31. I wear glasses or contacts.
32. I’ve never been in love.
33. All of my friends (or most of them) are in relationships.
34. I know someone who is racist.
35. I told a lie today.
36. The last thing I bought was clothing.
37. I’m not a virgin.
38. My bedroom walls are a color other than white.
39. I always remember my dreams.
40. I don’t like soda.
41. I love dark chocolate.
42. I’ve never had my heart broken.
43. I liked someone who treated me like crap.
44. I don’t want children.
45. I love knee high socks.
46. I go on polyvore.com.
47. My first name begins with a vowel.
48. I’ve made a rubberband ball before.
49. I love Hollister.
50. I haven’t been to the movies in a while.

51. I’ve done sexual things in a movie theater befoer.
52. I wish I had a Polaroid camera.
53. I still have My Little Ponies from when I was little.
54. I shop at thrift stores.
55. I love garage sales.
56. I think buying used stuff is gross.
57. I like whole wheat stuff.
58. I dislike whole milk.
59. I know someone who is allergic to dairy products.
60. I like soy milk.
61. I’ve never been to a beach.
62. I HATE tanning.
63. I usually wear my hair in its natural state.
64. I hate Valentine’s Day when I’m single.
65. I like the Misfits.
66. I hate ripped jeans.
67. I still have a VCR.
68. I don’t live in the U.S.

69. Middle school has SO many more cliques than high school.
70. I went through an “awkward” stage in middle school.
71. I drive to school.
72. I love soup.
73. My co-workers are assholes.
74. I’ve never been outside of the country.
75. Bolding surveys are my favorite.
76. My nails are always painted.
78. I get compliments on my style often.
79. I love the radio station z100.
80. I like Ke$ha.
81. I use pens more than pencils.
82. It’s so weird when there’s adults who are like 25 or 30 who can’t drive yet.
83. My parents bought/will buy me my first car.
84. …and they’ll pay the car insurance.
85. I don’t pay my own phone bill.
86. I always straighten my hair.
87. I love love love curly hair!
88. I do my own laundry.
89. I wear sweatpants more than jeans.
90. I’ll admit; the only reason I like yoga pants is because they make your butt look good.
91. I love Victoria’s Secret.
92. I own a sex toy.
93. When I first saw pornography, I was too young to understand sex and it totally freaked me out!
94. I think you should wait until after you’re 18 to have sex.
95. I think only married couples should have sex.
96. I love mint chocolate ice cream!
97. I’m subscribed to surveys_for_nimrods (or check the site often).
98. I’m a survey maker and I hate when people remove my tags!
99. Someone has used my pictures and pretended to be me online before.
100. I post too many status updates on Facebook.

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