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Bold things about me 3(English)


When people sit too close to me. (strangers, I mean)
When people say “I love you” to the person they’re dating after one day of being together.
People who don’t ever stop talking.
People with no common sense.

Hair extensions.
People with nasty attitudes.
Broken cellphones.

Dirty feet.
Sushi or any food with fish involved.
Disappointing someone I care about.
Fast food.
When my hair is wet.
When I feel like I smell bad.
Not being able to go to the bathroom.

My parents.
Being cold.

Ouija boards.
Thunder and lightning storms.
When it rains on my parade.
Bad music.
Being stuck at home on the weekend.

The color orange.
Ignorant people.
Spoiled food.

People who drive insanely slow.
People who don’t use their blinkers.
People who don’t know how to drive period.
Rough, dry hands.
When someone initiates conversation and doesn’t continue it.
When there’s water in my ears.

Scene kids.
Anyone who hardcore dances.
Anyone who puts X’s on their fists to show that they’re straightedge.
Being sick.
Septum and cheek piercings.

When someone asks if I’m related to someone else.
Not being able to finish something.
Having nothing to look forward to.
Slow school days.

Perez Hilton.
The sound that a ketchup bottle makes when it’s near empty.
Country music.
Untamed chest hair and eyebrows.
Walking through spiderwebs.

Tom Cruise.



Lady GaGa.
People who have nice hair.

The ocean.
Baby animals.
Making/taking surveys.
Fast computers.
Acoustic guitars.
Strawberries/Anything with strawberries on it.
Mutual feelings.

Spyro the dragon.
Old nickelodeon shows.
The good old days.
Animal print when it’s worn correctly.
Junk food.
Good hygiene.
Phones with keyboards.
Ska music.
Arizona Fruit Punch.
Fresh out of the dryer anything.
Candles that smell like food.
When nothing goes wrong.
Going into the city.
Receiving money.
Picture comments.

Having something to look forward to.

Newbury Comics.
Old memories.
Taking photographs.

Having a good time.
Coats with fuzzy hoods.
Disney movies.
Getting shit done.
Art in all forms.

Bold things about me 2 (English)

1. I like v-necks better than regular shirts.
2. I live in skinny jeans.

3. I used to like Sailor Moon when I was little.
4. …I still like Sailor Moon?
5. Sailor who?
6. I wear skirts more than pants.
7. My dream career requires college.
8. I don’t wash my hair daily.

9. I’m pro-life.
10. I’ve never kissed a member of the same sex. —aside from family.
11. I’m Jewish.
12. I have my permit.
13. I have my license.
14. I can’t drive.
15. I’ve driven illegally (without a license/permit).
16. I’ve seen all the Austin Powers movies.
17. I wear make-up.
18. I own a digital camera.
My phone has a keyboard.
20. I remember when RazR phones (or whatever) were the big trend.
21. I had my first kiss when I was thirteen.
22. I’m afraid of clowns.
23. I don’t believe in a god.
24. I wanted to be a teacher at sometime in my life (if not now).
25. My worst subject is math.
26. I love action movies.
27. I’ll admit it, I used to typ liek dis.
28. I have no problem with having sex outside of a relationship.
29. I don’t want a white wedding dress.
30. I want two or more children.
31. I wear glasses or contacts.
32. I’ve never been in love.
33. All of my friends (or most of them) are in relationships.
34. I know someone who is racist.
35. I told a lie today.
36. The last thing I bought was clothing.
37. I’m not a virgin.
38. My bedroom walls are a color other than white.
39. I always remember my dreams.
40. I don’t like soda.
41. I love dark chocolate.
42. I’ve never had my heart broken.
43. I liked someone who treated me like crap.
44. I don’t want children.
45. I love knee high socks.
46. I go on
47. My first name begins with a vowel.
48. I’ve made a rubberband ball before.
49. I love Hollister.
50. I haven’t been to the movies in a while.

51. I’ve done sexual things in a movie theater befoer.
52. I wish I had a Polaroid camera.
53. I still have My Little Ponies from when I was little.
54. I shop at thrift stores.
55. I love garage sales.
56. I think buying used stuff is gross.
57. I like whole wheat stuff.
58. I dislike whole milk.
59. I know someone who is allergic to dairy products.
60. I like soy milk.
61. I’ve never been to a beach.
62. I HATE tanning.
63. I usually wear my hair in its natural state.
64. I hate Valentine’s Day when I’m single.
65. I like the Misfits.
66. I hate ripped jeans.
67. I still have a VCR.
68. I don’t live in the U.S.

69. Middle school has SO many more cliques than high school.
70. I went through an “awkward” stage in middle school.
71. I drive to school.
72. I love soup.
73. My co-workers are assholes.
74. I’ve never been outside of the country.
75. Bolding surveys are my favorite.
76. My nails are always painted.
78. I get compliments on my style often.
79. I love the radio station z100.
80. I like Ke$ha.
81. I use pens more than pencils.
82. It’s so weird when there’s adults who are like 25 or 30 who can’t drive yet.
83. My parents bought/will buy me my first car.
84. …and they’ll pay the car insurance.
85. I don’t pay my own phone bill.
86. I always straighten my hair.
87. I love love love curly hair!
88. I do my own laundry.
89. I wear sweatpants more than jeans.
90. I’ll admit; the only reason I like yoga pants is because they make your butt look good.
91. I love Victoria’s Secret.
92. I own a sex toy.
93. When I first saw pornography, I was too young to understand sex and it totally freaked me out!
94. I think you should wait until after you’re 18 to have sex.
95. I think only married couples should have sex.
96. I love mint chocolate ice cream!
97. I’m subscribed to surveys_for_nimrods (or check the site often).
98. I’m a survey maker and I hate when people remove my tags!
99. Someone has used my pictures and pretended to be me online before.
100. I post too many status updates on Facebook.

Bold things about me! (English)

Movies I Enjoy
Mean Girls
White Chicks
Lords of Dogtown
Requiem For A Dream
Spirited Away
Death Sentence
Saw series
Alice in Wonderland
Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
The Hills Have Eyes
What Happens In Vegas
Finding Nemo

Bands/Artists I Enjoy Listening To
The Devil Wears Prada
August Burns Red
Brand New
As I Lay Dying
Norma Jean
Killswitch Engage

Random Things About Me
I enjoy solitude
Starbucks is my favourite place to get coffee/frappucinos
I live in Pennsylvania
I’m easily annoyed
I text a lot
Facebook is better than MySpace

I have a Twitter
English is my favourite subject
I enjoy horror films
My best friend(s) are taller than me
I’m taller than my mom
Red Bull is your favourite energy drink

Things In My Room
Cell phone
Desktop computer

The Sims
Hello Kitty bag
Paris Hilton lotion
Candy hearts
Web cam
Black eyeliner

Things I Enjoy Doing
Hanging out with friends
Going to local shows/concerts
Walking around town
Writing notes to friends
Watching ‘The Food Network’
Playing ‘Guitar Hero’
Playing ‘The Sims’

Things I’ve Done Today
Ate chips
Drank water
Got on Facebook
Got on Twitter
Got on Formspring
Wrote a note
Washed my face
Talked to a parent
Watched something on TV
Changed pants

Shows I Enjoy Watching
Worst Cooks in America
Iron Chef America
Spongebob Squarepants
16 & Pregnant
Jersey Shore
The Fairly Odd Parents
Courage the Cowardly Dog
Diners, Drive-In’s & Dives
America’s Next Top Model

Books That I Have Read/Enjoyed
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Marley & Me
Fight Club
The Perks of Being A Wallflower

xoxo, Lívia

quarta-feira, 13 de janeiro de 2010

Just Beat It!

O casal de namorados da dupla “Pomplamoose” cantando Beat It. Com vocês Nataly Dawn e Jack Conte:

It's classic, it's music.

Beijos, Lívia

Arezzo lover

Sou completamente apaixonada pela Arezzo, não posso passar em frente à vitrine que vem uma 'voz-zinha' na minha cabeça: ''Compra, compra, entra lá, compra...''.Daí eu entro lá posso pôr a mão no sapato que eu quiser, acariciar aquele couro lisinho e macio, e experimentar um monte de rasteirinha e salto meia-pata.. ahhh.. eu sou uma maníaca pela Arezzo (mas primeiro pelo Loubotin, é claro hahahá)

Uma prima minha fala que meia-pata é coisa de dragqueen; mas eu não ligo pra ela não, ela usa tamanco plataforma de borracha ( ;~ iuuuuuul *nojinho*)

meu pretinho vai com tudo

Maníaca por sapatos..

Beijos, Lívia.

segunda-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2010

Katy Perry acústica

Katy Perry entra para a restrita lista dos artistas internacionais que possuem repertório e sucessos suficientes para incluir em sua discografia um álbum MTV Unplugged. Com apenas dois discos lançados, seis singles e cinco videoclipes, a americana já ganha a chance de mostrar sua música embalada pela simplicidade de uma versão acústica.

À venda em CD + DVD por R$44,90 na Saraiva.

Simplismente adorei o resultado desse MTV Unplugged... e descobri que adoroo música tocada 'acusticamente' hahaha´

A que mais gostei e que grudou na minha cabeça que nem chiclete foi Waking Up In Vegas, mas também adorei Lost, música calminha mas não melancólica, do jeito que eu gosto.

Tô youtube-maníaca! hahahaá

Beijos, Lívia.

sexta-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2010

The Chipettes

Continuando o assunto do post anterior, The Chipettes dançando e cantando Single Ladies(Put a Ring on It).
Tô louca pra assistir o filme.

Lindas, fofas, demais!

Beijos, Lívia.

Alvin and the Chimpmunks 2

Sinopse: Alvin (com a voz do mara Justin Long), Simon e Theodore, com a ajuda do músico Dave (Jason Lee) e seu sobrinho Toby (Zachary Levi), terão um novo desafio pela frente: o de ganhar o prêmio de US$ 25 mil em um concurso de bandas, para salvar o programa de música da escola. Mas agora eles terão concorrentes à altura, The Chipettes, trio de garotas formado por Brittany, Eleanor e Jeanette.

E o melhor: The Chipettes cantando e dançando Single Ladies!

(Muito) fofos !

Beijos, Lívia